Be the first to crack this Systo puzzle!

Here is a plot I got when I ran a simple Systo model.    Yes! I was amazed as you are now when I first saw it!   It’s even more amazing when you move a slider for one of the parameters, but I’m not geared up to capture that.    You’ll just have to wait until the shiny new Systo web site is up and running.


So, the question is: what’s going on?    How on earth can a System Dynamics model produce this sort of pretty picture?    Extra points if you say what sort of real-world system is represented by the model.

But hurry!  I will be adding some hints from time to time, so make sure you get the answer before I give too much away.

[For an amazing coincidence, check out this item on the Guardian’s web site, also dated 14th May! ]


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